Leeds Weirdo Club
Squirrel Self Storage
Regent Street
Leeds, LS2 7QA

Display Show
Eastside Projects, Birmingham
19th September – 12th December 2015

Life Cycle of a Mould Mite
Matthew Crawley

Leeds Weirdo Club Annual 2014

Cheese Cube
TOAST, Manchester

Champagne Murders
David Steans

Dom Peri
Harry Meadley

Generator Projects, Dundee

The Print

First Year
Matthew Crawley

Day Release
The Northern Charter, Newcastle

Leeds Weirdo Club Annual 2013/2014

An Evening for the Haters

The Lucky and Unlucky Eskape
David Steans

A Night to Forget

Headless Body found in Topless Bar
Harry Meadley

'Leeds' (1976): A Discussion and a Game
&Model × Henry Moore Institute

My Brother's Work
Matthew Crawley

Leeds Weirdo Club is an ongoing collaborative project borne out of the art and ideas of the artists Doug Bowen, Matthew Crawley, Harry Meadley and David Steans. Leeds Weirdo Club is also Leeds Weirdo Club. It currently resides in a shared storage unit at Squirrel Self Storage, Leeds.

Whilst the four of us have individual practices, the studio engenders collaborations amongst us, and is itself a collaborative endeavour. Leeds Weirdo Club is not an artist's group, nor a 'club' in the formal sense of the word, but an anomalous art institution.

Founded in 2012 by Matthew Crawley, Harry Meadley and David Steans, Leeds Weirdo Club initially operated out of a studio at Patrick Studios, East Street Arts, Leeds. In 2014 we moved to a studio at Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds, where the project was located for a year. In 2015 Doug Bowen joined Leeds Weirdo Club.

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